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“King of Stones:” The Ever Powerful Ruby Gemstone

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

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Often said to be the most magnificent of all gemstones, the ruby holds fire red prominence as one of the most sought after and highly regarded stones. In fact, the boldly beautiful gem is often called the “king of stones.” With its name stemming from the Latin word for “red,” this striking beauty of a gem engenders notions of power and nobility.

The Meaning of Rubies

Thought of as the ultimate symbol of power, rubies are said to stimulate sensuality, energy and vitality.

Throughout history, the ruby has been highly regarded by multiple cultures. For many, it was symbolic of power, passion and protection. Throughout history, the ruby was worn as a decorative shield against plague and pestilence. It was also thought to be able to signal impending danger, safeguard the body and ward off sadness.

Today, the ruby is prized for its deeply intense and fiery beauty. It is also the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in the month of July.

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Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

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For those lucky enough to be born in May, the envy-inspiring emerald is their official birthstone. However, stunning emeralds are not just for May babies. Throughout history, this precious green gemstone has been sought by both royals and common folk, alike. In fact, the deep and richly-colored green beauties have reigned as one of the world’s most desirable gemstones for centuries.

The emerald is considered the most precious and valuable gem of the beryl family of stones. For admirers of the storied gem, the allure of the emerald is all about the color, color, color. Emeralds are prized – and often revered – for their intensely brilliant green color ranging in hues from yellow greens to bluish greens to intense dark greens. The stones have often thought to be “magical” because of their tendency toward an almost mystical radiance. The deep green glimmer of the emerald is unmatched in the world of gemstones and is considered among the “precious four,” a short list of high-end gemstones that also includes the diamond, rubies and sapphires.

The Meaning of Emeralds

The name comes from the old French word ‘esmeralde,’ which is a derivative of the Greek word ‘smaragdos,’ simply meaning ‘green stone.’ The rich and magnificent green of the emerald has been thought to convey harmony, nature, beauty and love. It is often associated with Springtime, resurgence and re-growth.

Where To Find Beautiful Emeralds

Colombia is the most widely known source for the highly desirable dark green emerald, although the stones can be found in and mined from many places around the globe including Africa and across Europe. However, probably the oldest known emerald finds were once made near the Red Sea in Egypt.

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