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Give a Custom Designed Gift In Time For Christmas!

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Get the Christmas gift that will tell someone just how special you think they are – custom designed fine jewelry! Custom designed fine jewelry is the best way to reflect the unique personality, taste and style of your loved one. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a diamond necklace, gemstone earrings, platinum cufflinks, or a one-of-a-kind pendant, choosing the right jeweler to create it will make all the difference in the quality, outcome and cost of your piece.

Bring your idea to the experts at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City now to have your piece finished, boxed and ready to present in time for Christmas. In business for more than 40 years and voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News, they offer one of L.A’s largest selections of certified diamonds, with significant discounts off of retail pricing. Known as the “engagement ring superstore,” their showroom features 1000s of stunning showcase choices. But, their reputation as custom design specialists has made them a go-to hub for those who want true masterpiece design at surprisingly affordable prices. Shop now to take advantage of their storewide 50-75% off sale — including all custom design projects. Plus, with their team of in-house specialists, your work will be done on-site and on time – more reasons why customer referrals are their top form of business.

Here’s what their customers are saying:

“The ring was perfect. It was EXACTLY like the picture, and it fit perfectly. I was very impressed. The cost was so good that I would have happily paid double what they charged.” – R.M., Riverside

“For a very competitive price…my fiancé now has a gorgeous white gold wedding band with the custom Celtic design I’d wanted using laser etching. We’re incredibly happy!”M.A., Van Nuys, CA

“(They) made all 3 of our rings for a great price and made them in just a few days! We are super happy with them.” – B.K., Los Angeles

“Beautiful custom work, flawless and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.” – Lori C., Los Angeles

“They designed a STUNNING gift, within my price range and delivered on time!” – J.C., Los Angeles

You’ll find the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City in the heart of the red carpet district at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. Holiday store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6pm; Sundays, 11 am to 5pm, and walk-ins are welcome. Call 818-982-4444 for more info, or


The Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, horizontal multi rings


Preparing for a proposal can be a nail biting experience; especially when it comes to selecting the much anticipated engagement ring. Since the perfect proposal begins with the perfect ring, you can avoid some of the pressure by getting a plan together. Here’s the “Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist” to get you started…

#1. GET AN IDEA: Have you been given any hints about the diamond shape, metal and carat size that would make the perfect ring? If so, listen; because you are now equipped with one of the most important “Honey-Do” lists you will ever have. Having an idea of what your intended likes ensures that you purchase a ring that will be pleasing no matter you budget range. It also makes your meeting with a jeweler more productive. You may also want to ask close friends or family members if they have any ideas about the type of ring desired. It’s not absolutely necessary, but, if possible, bring a picture or drawing of your desired ring. Remember what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A good one may also save you a thousand headaches if it helps you avoid giving a ring that never gets worn.

#2. GET THE 411: Familiarize yourself with the “Four C-s,” the diamond basics every engagement ring shopper should know below.

-Carat: The “carat” refers to the actual weight and dimensions of an individual diamond. Simply put, a carat speaks to how “big” the diamond is. Each individual diamond, depending on its cut, color, and clarity, will be priced differently per carat. For example, a smaller stone of higher quality may cost the same as a bigger stone of lesser quality.

-Cut: The cut refers to – not to the shape of the diamond – but to how the diamond is trimmed and formed from within its original shape. The cut determines the dazzle and brilliance your diamond. When cut properly, your diamond will sparkle and shine for a lifetime. There are many traditional cut diamonds, with round brilliant most popular one. Other basic cuts are Pear, Princess, Heart, Oval, Marquise, and Emerald.

-Color: Diamond “color” refers to the actual tint within the color of the diamond. Colors come in a range of beautiful options, from “colorless” and “near colorless” to what are termed as “fancy color” diamonds. Color is determined along a “D” to “Z” tint range. The often sought after “colorless” diamonds start the scale at “D;” and “Z” diamonds indicate a pale yellow or brown tint. Colorless diamonds are often the most desired and are on the higher end of the price scale.

-Clarity: A diamond with a lesser degree of flaws will be more valuable than one with more obvious imperfections. If the flaws (or inclusions) are difficult to locate, the stones are graded VS , which stands for very slight inclusions. If they are easy to locate under magnification, the stone is graded SI clarity or slight inclusions.

Did you know there is also a Fifth C?” Coined by the experts at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, the “Fifth C” stands for cost. And, here’s where that comes in…

#3. GET A BUDGET: Size matters if budget and cost figure very heavily into your plan. If that’s the case, opt for a higher quality diamond that may be smaller in carat size but is of a higher quality when it comes to the clarity and color. You can always upsize the diamond later and it will be worth more when the time comes to sell it or trade it in toward a larger diamond. An expert jeweler can advise you on choosing the highest quality diamond within your budget range.

#4. GET THE DETAILS: Paying attention to details will make all the difference in the ultimate look of your ring.

-Metals: The most popular choices are white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Currently white gold and platinum are the most popular, but rose gold is trending, quickly becoming a favorite choice for many. When in doubt, ask; or pay attention to the other jewelry your intended wears most often and choose the metal in accordance with that.

-Settings: Almost every engagement ring you find features some variation of two popular settings to hold the center stone in place. The most common setting is the prong setting, which uses thin metal prongs that move from the ring base to the top edges of the diamond center stone to hold it in place. Another popular one is the bezel setting, which safely encircles the center stone in a metal rim. Choosing between the two – or from the many other setting options – will determine the look and profile of your ring.

-Side Stones or Halo: Side stones refer to the smaller diamonds situated on either side of your center stone. Popular choices are 3-stone and 5-stone rings. A Halo is an accentuating row or “halo” of small diamonds that surround your selected center stone. Rings with halo detailing can make your selected center stone seem much larger.

Lastly – and this one has everything to do with the experience you will have…

#5. GET A DIAMOND GUY: Buy your ring from a trusted and reputable jeweler with a proven track record for excellence. Read reviews, see what others are saying about their shopping experience. Work with a jeweler who is also a direct diamond importer which ensures that you are not paying extra money for the scouting services of a middleman. No matter what your budget, the engagement ring purchase is one of the most important investments you will make. Choosing the right jeweler, or “diamond guy” will make all the difference in the impact that your ring will have when you present it.

The smart and highly-reviewed choice is the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News. In business as direct diamond importers for more than 40 years, and with customer referrals as their number one form of business, they offer one of L.A’s largest selections of certified EGL and GIA diamonds with discounts often at 50-75% below retail. Known as the “engagement ring superstore,” the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City showcases offer 1000s of stunning choices. The store specializes in custom designed rings and is also the exclusive home of the Johnny N Signature Designer Line of engagement rings and fine jewelry. Most importantly, they’ve developed a reputation for walking their customers through the step-by-step process of creating the perfect engagement ring at the most affordable price. You’ll find them in the heart of Studio City’s beautiful red carpet district at 12456 Ventura Blvd. For info, contact them at 818-982-4444, or Watch the video from a recent engagement ring shopper who visited their store.

#6. GET THE “YES!” With this “Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist,” you’re well equipped to create a dream engagement ring. Now, all you’ve got to do is come up with a brilliant plan for a proposal that gets you the “YES” and goes viral when you release your social media video. No pressure at all. -TLO

“King of Stones:” The Ever Powerful Ruby Gemstone

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, ruby ring with center marquis diamond, shield

Often said to be the most magnificent of all gemstones, the ruby holds fire red prominence as one of the most sought after and highly regarded stones. In fact, the boldly beautiful gem is often called the “king of stones.” With its name stemming from the Latin word for “red,” this striking beauty of a gem engenders notions of power and nobility.

The Meaning of Rubies

Thought of as the ultimate symbol of power, rubies are said to stimulate sensuality, energy and vitality.

Throughout history, the ruby has been highly regarded by multiple cultures. For many, it was symbolic of power, passion and protection. Throughout history, the ruby was worn as a decorative shield against plague and pestilence. It was also thought to be able to signal impending danger, safeguard the body and ward off sadness.

Today, the ruby is prized for its deeply intense and fiery beauty. It is also the birthstone of those lucky enough to be born in the month of July.

color-stone-2, red

Featured Piece

Create a little drama of your own when you add the bold beauty of a ruby to your fine jewelry collection. Like the diamond and ruby rings designed by Diamantaire “Johnny N,” you find your masterpiece for 50-75% below retail at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City along with 1000s of other rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Plus, we pay the sales tax!

Visit the showroom at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in beautiful Studio City, CA. Call 818-982-4411, or visit

Watch the Featured Piece – The Ruby Shield Ring

Ward off the influence of conformity and shield yourself from being “ordinary” with this extraordinary Ruby and Diamond Ring from Diamantaire “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” Designer Line.


Diamonds… A Girl’s (And Investor’s) Best Friend!

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, Diamond for April 1


Watch this video! Find L.A ‘s best diamond deals from the industry leader and Diamantaire ” Johnny N” at the diamond and jewelry Gallery Studio

You don’t need a reason to purchase beautiful, high-quality diamonds. Traditionally, you’re already buying them for engagements, weddings, graduations and special occasions. Or, maybe you’re shopping for diamonds just because you love their fiery brilliance.

But just in case you need a little help justifying your next diamond purchase, how about trying this on for size? Financial reports are now showing that diamonds (and gold) are actually really good investments – often yielding even better returns than the traditional “market.” With that in mind, you can crank up some major support for your next diamond purchase by thinking of it – and referring to it – as your next “investment.” Here’s why…

Recent studies indicate that high-quality diamond purchases rack up profits that are just as stunning as their inevitable sparkle. According to recent 2015 Rapaport Diamond Statistics Report that tracked return on investments (ROI) over a ten year period, for every $1000 invested, a 5-carat diamond purchased in 2005 showed a profit of more than $1300, whereas “market” investments (Dow Jones and NASDAQ) showed much more modest profits, at $1210 and $674, respectively. In the same study, gold performed even better. For the same period, for every $1000 invested, gold demonstrated an actual profit of more than $1699.

With rock solid numbers like those, it proves that diamonds and gold really can be a girl’s (and an investor’s) best friend!

Shop with the award-winning Diamantaires and designers at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City for your next fine jewelry “investment.” As Direct Diamond Importers, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City ranks as L.A.’s #1 Diamond Source, offering one of the largest selections of GIA & EGL diamonds for 50-75% below retail. Or, increase your investing power by taking advantage of the value in diamonds you already own by trading them in for larger or higher quality stones.


You’ll find this Spring-inspired, five-petal flower ring in Diamond and Pink Sapphire along with 1000s of stunning Diamond, Gold and Platinum selections at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City. Shop our showroom at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. Call 818-982-4411, or visit


Need New Valentine Ideas? Think “Inside The Box.”

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Try Custom Design by “Johnny N” For Your Valentine!

You don’t need a reason to buy great jewelry; but, how about this? Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away! And if you’re looking for an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift, consider the extra special touch of giving an exquisite piece of custom designed piece of jewelry!

What better way to surprise the special someone in your life than with fine jewelry specially designed honor their style, aesthetic and personality? Visit the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery and we’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind-piece that will do just that while also showcasing your unique love story.

Give The Uncommon Gift

The list of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are many: candy, flowers, jewelry, perfume and more. And while jewelry certainly makes the list, you can break through the mold with a piece of custom designed jewelry that will truly be a one-of-a kind gift – and something that no one else could possibly have.

At the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, we’ll make it easy. You dream it; we create it. All you have to do to start the process is bring a picture, drawing or even just a simple idea to start the process. When you do, you’ll meet Master Jeweler “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” Designer Line. “Johnny N” has been creating custom design masterpieces for more than 40 years.

Great Custom Design Ideas

-Make an Unforgettable Proposal: When it comes to proposals, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Create a custom engagement ring to make your proposal an unforgettable one.
-Highlight Your Commitment: Design a special wedding ring or anniversary band to honor your love and commitment.
-Celebrate a Birthday: We can make stunning necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings with your loved one’s sparkling birthstone featured center stage.
-Leave Your Mark: Create a custom piece with an engraving to commemorate a special occasion or milestone.
-Make a Set: Create a gold, platinum, diamond or colored stone piece to match another piece of jewelry. For example, we can design a masterpiece emerald necklace to match perfectly with an existing pair of emerald earrings.
-Upsize It: Surprise someone with an upgraded, larger or higher quality diamond ring with updated custom flair.
-Repurpose It: Take inherited jewelry and have it created into a stunning piece that reflects the modern jewelry aesthetic.

Is Custom Design Too Pricey and Complicated?

You might expect to pay more for custom design. However, at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, but because we design and create in-house, we are able to create your custom design prices at the same “best in L.A.” prices as our showroom jewelry at 50-75% below retail.

You dream the vision and we’ll make it happen in two weeks or less. Give us approximately 10 days to see your custom piece come alive from dream to reality.

There’s still enough time to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece before Valentine’s Day! To get started, visit us at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA (corner of Whitsett); or call 818-982-4411.

Still need a few ideas? Visit and watch this Customer Review Video of one customer’s custom design experience with “Johnny N” to get started. –T.O.

Watch Here:


Countdown! Only Nine Days To Shop January Clearance Prices!

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

2014, Jewelry various, pic, web, approved


Watch This Video: Experience the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Difference when you create a custom piece with our master Jeweler “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” designer line. Watch this video review from one of our many happy customers.

You don’t need a reason to buy good jewelry; but, if you’d like one, how about this? Visit the January Clearance Sale at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery through January 31st and get a free pair of Diamond Stud Earrings with your purchase of $500 or more!

At the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, you’ll find L.A.’s best selection of diamonds and gold and platinum engagement rings, wedding bands and more. Visit our showroom to view 1000s of stunning rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, brooches and more at 50-75% off retail.

Plus, you can make your own unique statement with a custom designed piece master-crafted just for you by “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” Designer Line. And, for a limited time through January 31st, as our New Year’s bonus to you, receive a pair of sparkling diamond stud earrings when you spend $500 or more!

More About The Diamond and Jewelry Gallery

At the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, we see fine jewelry as fine art. Our certified jewelers have been creating one-of-a-kind, custom masterpieces worthy of display for more than 40 years.

Plus, our commitment to high-end customer service is outshined only by the sparkle of our highest quality GIA & EGL diamonds – one of the largest selections anywhere. This – and our dedication to detail and museum quality design – garnered us top honors as we were “Voted # 1 Jeweler” by the Los Angeles Daily News.

Find us at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in beautiful Studio City, CA (corner of Ventura and Whitsett). Call 818-982-4411; or simply visit

Customer Reviews

Experience the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Difference when you create a custom piece with our master Jeweler “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” Designer Line. Watch this video review to see how one happy customer made his dream proposal a reality with the help of “Johnny N.”

Watch Here:


Popping The Question? The Perfect Proposal Begins With The Perfect Ring

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, royal diamond ring

If you’re popping the question this Valentine’s Day or sometime soon, remember one thing: the perfect proposal begins with the perfect ring!

You can find it, or create it at L.A. best diamond store, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery in Studio City, CA. We offer one of the largest selections of gold and platinum diamond engagement rings and wedding and anniversary bands anywhere.

The Perfect Diamond for the Perfect Ring

The perfect ring begins with the perfect diamond. As L.A.’s number one diamond source, we are direct diamond importers, sourcing one-of-a-kind diamonds and gems from trusted factories in Israel, Antwerp and other cutting factories around the world. The Diamond and Jewelry Gallery is the most trusted source for your diamond and fine jewelry purchases.

No matter what your budget, Diamond & Jewelry Gallery Founder “Johnny N” will help you select the perfect gem, often at 50-75% below retail.

Our global relationships with premiere cutting factories allow us to consistently offer the largest selection of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes up to 20 carats. If we don’t already have it, our participation in a global network of diamond clubs ensures that we can find it for you. Plus, our diamonds and gemstones are certified and guaranteed to be “Conflict Free.”

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, loose diamonds

See How Johnny N Helps A Customer Design The Perfect Ring

You don’t have to take our word for it. Watch this spontaneous Customer Review & Video Testimonial to see how Johnny N helped one happy guy create the perfect engagement ring to star in his once in a lifetime proposal.

Customer Review / Video Testimonial:

Watch How This Guy Created The Perfect Engagement Ring…


Or Call 818-982-4411


Thursday, December 25th, 2014

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Looking for highest quality fine jewelry at the most affordable prices? Visit our beautiful Studio City location to join the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery for one of our exciting LIVE auctions! Don’t miss this lively, fun atmosphere where you call the shots — and the prices! December 27-28, Saturday 1pm; Sunday 2pm, at our Studio City, CA, showroom at 12456 Ventura Boulevard (corner of Ventura Blvd. and Whitsett).

As a Division of the U.S. Diamond Exchange, the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery has access to the expansive inventory of estates, private collections and high-end jewelry stores that are closing. As a special service to you, several times a year, we take the best of these liquidated collections and offer them to you in our one-of-a-kind, live jewelry auctions!

Join us for a special live auction and choose from thousands of stunning auction pieces – rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, brooches, bracelets – and more! We even mix in pieces from our custom design studio at the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery – giving you an opportunity to add one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces to your collection.

PLUS! You may also win one of the special gifts that are hand-selected and given away in a free drawing every half hour by Johnny N, Founder of the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery and Creator of the signature Johnny N designer line!

Featured at Our Live Auctions!

-Thousands of liquidated fine jewelry items!
-Previews one hour prior to each auction. Get in and tag what you want!
-No minimum; no reserve. Items go to the highest bidder!
-FREE jewelry drawings every half hour!
-FREE refreshments!
-FREE and convenient free parking!

Call 818-982-4411, Or

Watch The video! Stop into our showroom today to view our matchless selection of diamond, colored stone, gold and platinum fine jewelry designs – often at 50 – 75% below retail. Watch the video to hear why one customer has made the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery his one – stop fine jewelry source.

Custom Designed Jewelry As Unique as You!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, multiple finger rings, model, approved

There is only one you. No one else shares your signature. And with the Custom Design process at the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, now your jewelry can be just as unique.

For more than 40 years, our certified jewelers have been creating one-of-a-kind, custom masterpieces worthy of display. If you’ve got an idea for your own special piece, bring it to us and let our expert designers go to work for you! Or, request a custom designed piece by Master Jeweler and Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Founder Johnny N himself!

Maybe you brought back a picture of something you saw during your travels; or jotted down a sketch of a jewelry design years ago. For engagement rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings – no matter how developed your idea, visit our exclusive Studio City location for a free consultation with our expert design team. They’ll bring your idea to life!

We’ll Create Your Vision

No matter what your idea and no matter what your budget, our expert jewelers will design a custom piece worthy of showcasing. At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, no job is too big or too small.

Bring in your own loose stones or settings, or choose from our glittering selection of certified GIA & EGL diamonds, precious colored stones, 14, 18 and 20 carat white, yellow and rose gold, platinum mountings to add to your one-of-a-kind piece.

Whether you’re dreaming big, or creating a masterpiece on a budget, we’ll work with you to bring your dream alive – creating a one-of-a-kind piece destined to become a family heirloom.

How We Do It

It’s your idea – but our expert jewelers will guide you through the design of your piece. They include you in every step of the process, from conception to the final presentation.

Our design process includes:

Consultation – Our designers spend one on one time with you to suggest how your piece might best be created.

Design – We use the latest in 3-D technology to conceptualize your idea. This is the first step in bringing your idea to life!

Creation – This is where our more than 40 years of experience really shines. Then, to ensure your happiness and ultimate satisfaction, our expert jewelers use a combination of design techniques including handcrafting and computer aided technology to create a wax prototype of your piece. This prototype is then presented to you for inspection before moving on to the next step.

Casting & Setting – Next, your piece is cast in your favorite metal – platinum, 20k, 18k and 14k carat white, yellow or rose gold. Our master jewelers then set your selected stones, using the latest techniques including micro pave’, channel, bezel, engraved and other current designs with high or brush-polish finishes. This is the final step before presenting the finished piece.

Unveiling – Lastly, your exceptional piece of custom designed jewelry is presented to you! Each piece is packaged in a finely-crafted wood and leather box to showcase your beautiful new collectible.

Why Create A Custom Piece?

The reasons are as unique as the exceptional custom piece we create for you. Maybe you have searched and searched, but have never been able to find the special piece you have in mind. Or perhaps it’s that you need a completely unique pair of earrings to match a necklace you inherited.

It could also be that you want to produce a piece of jewelry that reflects the one-of-a-kind place someone holds in your heart – and only a custom piece will do.

Whatever your reasons, at the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery we’ll make creating your custom piece an easy and stress free experience – and we’ll do it with you as a part of the process.

Your custom piece will:

-Reflect elegant design and superior workmanship
-Deliver unmistakable flair and distinction
-Be created to your specifications
-Sparkle for a lifetime! We’ll provide free cleanings for the lifetime of your piece.

A Custom Made Promise

Before leaving the studio, each show-stopping piece is personally inspected by Johnny N, Founder of the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery and Creator of the signature Johnny N designer line.

Your new piece from the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery is guaranteed to perform; with a matchless sparkle and shine that will make both it – and you – a conversation piece. And, we make sure of that – offering you free, lifetime care and maintenance to preserve the exceptional quality of your new showpiece.

When you purchase from the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we stand by our work – and you – for the lifetime of your custom piece!
Watch This Video! Hear how one customer turned an old piece of jewelry into a one – of – kind masterpiece with the help of Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City Diamantaire “Johnny N.” Ask us about the Signature Johnny N Designer Line of custom fine jewelry.

Warrior Gemstone: The Invincible, Unconquerable Diamond

Monday, December 15th, 2014

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, horizontal multi rings

In the world of gemstones, the diamond is esteemed for its exceptional beauty and brilliance. But, did you know that the diamond also has a storied history as a “warrior gemstone?” Their use as an ancient “tool of battle” is lesser known trivia about this precious gemstone.

Originally discovered more than 6,000 years ago in India, diamonds were immediately prized for their extreme durability and hardness and were often used as implements or tools for cutting other materials. Ancient people also came to believe that diamonds were imbued with mystical properties and used them more creatively.

Invincible, Unconquerable Diamonds

The name given to the rare gems gives us an idea of how early peoples viewed and valued them. The term diamond originates from the Greek word “adamas,” which itself means ”invincible” or “unconquerable.” Because of their rarity, diamonds were thought to imbue their wearers with special powers. Thusly, diamonds were often worn in battle to ensure a victorious outcome.

Amazingly, the sparkling gems were also used as a type of weapon. For example, some held beliefs that placing them in the mouth could bring about the loss of teeth; or that grinding a diamond into a fine powder could turn it into a potent poison with the potential to damage victims internally. Ouch!

Born To Shine – The Diamond Birthstone

For those lucky enough to be born in April, the diamond is their traditional birthstone. The stunning gem is thought to imbue wearers with improved relationships, increased strength and benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance. The diamond is also symbolic of lasting, eternal love.

If you’re in the market for a diamond, you’re probably planning to use it as a stunning new addition to your jewelry collection instead of a weapon. When you’re ready, visit the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery in Studio City, CA. We carry the largest selection of EGL & GIA certified diamonds and jewelry anywhere – often more than 50% to 70% below retail.

On sale at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery right now, gifts for every size budget. Choose from thousands of pieces; including sparkling diamond necklaces from $398; “Three Stone Past, Present and Future” diamond or Halo pendants from $285; spectacular diamond earrings and pendants from $685; one carat round brilliant cut diamond gold solitaire rings at just $895, and much more!

Our diamonds are selected to sparkle for a lifetime. And while you don’t have to be a warrior to wear one, we guarantee that wearing our diamonds will make you fierce!


*Facts compiled from, 1996