August 28th, 2016

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Fall forward with PEARLS — the “old is new again” superstars on the fine jewelry runway! Pearl power is in; so you can quickly tap into one of this year’s hottest fall fashion trends by dusting off your pearl strands and mixing them in with other metals and stones such us diamond necklaces, sparkling gold chains or chunky beads. The look is at once elegant and bohemian — without a lot of rules — so be creative and have a bit of fun with this easy to wear new trend.

Recognized as one of the three birthstones for the month of June, pearls are truly unique gemstones. They are the only gems made by living sea creatures; and, as such, are so naturally exquisite that they require no further assistance to enhance their natural beauty.

Find uniquely chic pearl designs by Diamantaire and designer Johnny N for 50-75% off now at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City. Call 818-982-4444, or


Myth Busting: Is Custom Jewelry More Expensive?

June 12th, 2016

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For your next fine jewelry purchase, if you want a truly unique piece that tells the world something special about you or the person you’re buying for, consider custom design. There’s a well-trafficked myth in the jewelry industry that says custom design must always be more expensive than manufactured pieces. Ignore it. Because it’s just that; a myth. Custom design can be much less costly than you think.

Here’s the thing: custom design actually can be more expensive. But, it doesn’t have to be. That’s all the more reason why the right jeweler matters so much. Your choice of jeweler makes all the difference in two very key areas: the beauty of your piece and cost of your piece.

Direct your search to lead you to a jeweler noted for excellence in both design and price. Take a look at their featured collections to make sure that he or she designs with the sort of flair and details that appeal to you. And – most importantly – find out what previous customers are saying about them.

One smart and highly-reviewed choice is the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News. In business for more than 40 years, they offer one of L.A’s largest selections of certified diamonds, with discounts often at 50-75% below retail. As the exclusive home of the Signature “Johnny N” Designer Line – and – known as the “engagement ring superstore,” the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City showroom offers clients 1000s of stunning showcase choices. But, for those looking for something truly special, their reputation as custom design specialists has made them a sort of go-to hub for those who want true masterpiece design at surprisingly affordable prices. In fact, customer referrals are their number one form of business. Here’s why:

#1. They Skip The Middleman. You Save. Being a direct diamond importer means that they are skilled and experienced enough to scout, source and hand select diamonds themselves as opposed to buying them from a middleman. That also means that they can pass those savings onto you. Typically, custom design work can cost up to three times more than manufactured pieces, but, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City offers certified diamonds, precious gemstones and custom design labor services to clients for 50-75% below retail pricing.

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, ruby ring with center marquis diamond, shield

#2. Expert Work Takes Less Time. You Save. Depending on the intricacy of the piece and the expertise of the Jeweler creating it, a beautifully-designed piece can take anywhere from one week to six weeks to complete. The expert team at Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City uses their more than 40 years of design experience to cut down that time and pass the labor savings directly on to you.

#3. They Put You In the Driver’s Seat. You Save. Some say custom design is risky because you will not see or have access to the piece to make changes before the final outcome. At the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, the designers work with you during each phase of design to make sure it meets your approval before completing the finished piece, including wax mock-ups, length adjustments and re-sizing, when appropriate. It’s not all about the nickels and dimes. Staying in control also saves you from the headache of worrying about the final outcome of your piece!

Check out a few experiences from Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City customers:

“When I arrived, the ring was perfect. It was EXACTLY like the picture, and it fit perfectly. I was very impressed. The cost was so good that I would have happily paid double what they charged.” – R.M., Riverside, CA

“For a very competitive price…my fiancé now has a gorgeous white gold wedding band with the custom Celtic design I’d wanted using laser etching. We’re incredibly happy!” – M.A., Van Nuys, CA

“(They) made all 3 of our rings for a great price and made them in just a few days! We are super happy with them.” – B.K., Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted a special gift for my husband for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I visited three other jewelry stores before choosing Diamond & Jewelry Gallery…They designed a STUNNING gift, within my price range and delivered on time!” – J.C., Los Angeles, CA

You’ll find the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City in the heart of the red carpet district at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. Store hours are Monday-Saturday from 10 am to 6pm and walk-ins are welcome. Call 818-982-4444 for more information, or to book an appointment. Online at


The Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist

March 13th, 2016

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Preparing for a proposal can be a nail biting experience; especially when it comes to selecting the much anticipated engagement ring. Since the perfect proposal begins with the perfect ring, you can avoid some of the pressure by getting a plan together. Here’s the “Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist” to get you started…

#1. GET AN IDEA: Have you been given any hints about the diamond shape, metal and carat size that would make the perfect ring? If so, listen; because you are now equipped with one of the most important “Honey-Do” lists you will ever have. Having an idea of what your intended likes ensures that you purchase a ring that will be pleasing no matter you budget range. It also makes your meeting with a jeweler more productive. You may also want to ask close friends or family members if they have any ideas about the type of ring desired. It’s not absolutely necessary, but, if possible, bring a picture or drawing of your desired ring. Remember what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” A good one may also save you a thousand headaches if it helps you avoid giving a ring that never gets worn.

#2. GET THE 411: Familiarize yourself with the “Four C-s,” the diamond basics every engagement ring shopper should know below.

-Carat: The “carat” refers to the actual weight and dimensions of an individual diamond. Simply put, a carat speaks to how “big” the diamond is. Each individual diamond, depending on its cut, color, and clarity, will be priced differently per carat. For example, a smaller stone of higher quality may cost the same as a bigger stone of lesser quality.

-Cut: The cut refers to – not to the shape of the diamond – but to how the diamond is trimmed and formed from within its original shape. The cut determines the dazzle and brilliance your diamond. When cut properly, your diamond will sparkle and shine for a lifetime. There are many traditional cut diamonds, with round brilliant most popular one. Other basic cuts are Pear, Princess, Heart, Oval, Marquise, and Emerald.

-Color: Diamond “color” refers to the actual tint within the color of the diamond. Colors come in a range of beautiful options, from “colorless” and “near colorless” to what are termed as “fancy color” diamonds. Color is determined along a “D” to “Z” tint range. The often sought after “colorless” diamonds start the scale at “D;” and “Z” diamonds indicate a pale yellow or brown tint. Colorless diamonds are often the most desired and are on the higher end of the price scale.

-Clarity: A diamond with a lesser degree of flaws will be more valuable than one with more obvious imperfections. If the flaws (or inclusions) are difficult to locate, the stones are graded VS , which stands for very slight inclusions. If they are easy to locate under magnification, the stone is graded SI clarity or slight inclusions.

Did you know there is also a Fifth C?” Coined by the experts at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, the “Fifth C” stands for cost. And, here’s where that comes in…

#3. GET A BUDGET: Size matters if budget and cost figure very heavily into your plan. If that’s the case, opt for a higher quality diamond that may be smaller in carat size but is of a higher quality when it comes to the clarity and color. You can always upsize the diamond later and it will be worth more when the time comes to sell it or trade it in toward a larger diamond. An expert jeweler can advise you on choosing the highest quality diamond within your budget range.

#4. GET THE DETAILS: Paying attention to details will make all the difference in the ultimate look of your ring.

-Metals: The most popular choices are white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Currently white gold and platinum are the most popular, but rose gold is trending, quickly becoming a favorite choice for many. When in doubt, ask; or pay attention to the other jewelry your intended wears most often and choose the metal in accordance with that.

-Settings: Almost every engagement ring you find features some variation of two popular settings to hold the center stone in place. The most common setting is the prong setting, which uses thin metal prongs that move from the ring base to the top edges of the diamond center stone to hold it in place. Another popular one is the bezel setting, which safely encircles the center stone in a metal rim. Choosing between the two – or from the many other setting options – will determine the look and profile of your ring.

-Side Stones or Halo: Side stones refer to the smaller diamonds situated on either side of your center stone. Popular choices are 3-stone and 5-stone rings. A Halo is an accentuating row or “halo” of small diamonds that surround your selected center stone. Rings with halo detailing can make your selected center stone seem much larger.

Lastly – and this one has everything to do with the experience you will have…

#5. GET A DIAMOND GUY: Buy your ring from a trusted and reputable jeweler with a proven track record for excellence. Read reviews, see what others are saying about their shopping experience. Work with a jeweler who is also a direct diamond importer which ensures that you are not paying extra money for the scouting services of a middleman. No matter what your budget, the engagement ring purchase is one of the most important investments you will make. Choosing the right jeweler, or “diamond guy” will make all the difference in the impact that your ring will have when you present it.

The smart and highly-reviewed choice is the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News. In business as direct diamond importers for more than 40 years, and with customer referrals as their number one form of business, they offer one of L.A’s largest selections of certified EGL and GIA diamonds with discounts often at 50-75% below retail. Known as the “engagement ring superstore,” the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City showcases offer 1000s of stunning choices. The store specializes in custom designed rings and is also the exclusive home of the Johnny N Signature Designer Line of engagement rings and fine jewelry. Most importantly, they’ve developed a reputation for walking their customers through the step-by-step process of creating the perfect engagement ring at the most affordable price. You’ll find them in the heart of Studio City’s beautiful red carpet district at 12456 Ventura Blvd. For info, contact them at 818-982-4444, or Watch the video from a recent engagement ring shopper who visited their store.

#6. GET THE “YES!” With this “Ultimate Engagement Ring Checklist,” you’re well equipped to create a dream engagement ring. Now, all you’ve got to do is come up with a brilliant plan for a proposal that gets you the “YES” and goes viral when you release your social media video. No pressure at all. -TLO

Aquamarine Dreaming: The Beautiful March Birthstone

March 10th, 2016

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For those lucky enough to be born in the Month of March, the fluid — and many say mesmerizing — Aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone of the month. The blue beauties are worn by many, however, and they reign as one of the world’s most popular gemstones.

For those looking to make a bold statement without saying a word, the aquamarine stone can do just that. Consider having a piece custom-designed for yourself or someone special from Diamantaire “Johnny N,” creator of the signature “Johnny N” Designer Line. “Johnny N” pieces like the pictured aquamarine and diamond ring and earrings are sought after for their unique design, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Get started on your piece today by calling 818-982-4444, Monday -Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. 

How To Spot an Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarines are found in hues ranging from very pale blue to dark blue-greens. They can be found in quite large sizes and usually have excellent clarity.

Though they are often confused with blue topaz, the two are not at all the same. Aquamarines are actually much more valuable due to the fact that their deeply calming azure color is naturally occurring. Blue topaz, however, is created by treating colorless topaz with radiation.

For more information on aquamarines, diamonds or other colored stones, call the team at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News.  Find them at 818-982-4444, or -TO

PURPLE PIZZAZ! February’s Amethyst Birtstone

February 17th, 2016

Amethyst and diamond pendant by Johnny N at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City.

Those with February birthdays can always enjoy the fun and festivities of being born in the month of love. And there’s yet another “glam” bonus to the February-born because the month boasts one of the world’s most admired gems as its birthstone – AMETHYST.

Amethyst is a type of Quartz that offers out stunning palettes of purple that range from deep violet hues o blushing lilacs. In ancient times, Greeks placed a high value on amethyst as the stone was thought to keep its wearers on the sober side by protecting them from drunkenness. The beauty of a gemstone was also assigned abilities such as promoting a balanced mindset in all those who donned it.

At the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, you’ll find beautiful showcases stocked full of stunning amethyst jewelry at more than 50% below retail. Or, for a truly exclusive gift for yourself or someone special, have a piece custom designed in your choice of amethyst stones hand-selected by Diamantaire and designer “Johnny N.”

Voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the Los Angeles Daily News, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, features one of L.A.’s largest selections of certified GIA & EGL diamonds and exquisite jewelry at affordable prices.

Visit their red-carpet central showroom now during the Mega Carat Clearance Sale for savings of 50-75% off storewide! It’s located at 12456 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA (at Whitsett) with free parking in the back. For more information, call 818-982-4411, or visit


The January Birthstone: GO WITH GARNETS!

January 6th, 2016


Kick off the New Year 2016 with the beautiful January Birthstone: Garnet! With ga2016, Ruby or Garnet Ringrnet gemstones, you get the deep red hues of the ruby along with tinges of warm, chocolatey brown.

Though the most commonly found garnet color is red, this sought after gemstone offers a rainbow of additional colors. It can showcase a palette with hues such as green, a delicate to intense yellow, fire-tinged oranges and even earth-toned offerings.

In terms of its symbolic value, the beautiful, semi-precious stone is thought to enhance business success, restore order from chaos and to bring protection against evil, especially during travel and nightmares.

Find the best prices on stunning garnet showcase pieces, or have one custom designed for you by Diamantaire Johnny N at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City. Featured Above: Diamond and Garnet cocktail ring by Diamantaire JohnnyN, available exclusively at our store. Call 818-982-4444. 

The Mega Carat Clearance Sale — 50-75% Off Storewide!

December 26th, 2015

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Looking to scoop up a few choice after holiday gifts for someone you left off your list – or, maybe just to treat yourself? Visit the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City for L.A.’s best post-holiday deals on fine jewelry and custom designs!

Voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the Los Angeles Daily News, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, features one of L.A.’s largest selections of certified GIA & EGL diamonds and exquisite jewelry at affordable prices. For, example, during our Mega Carat Clearance Sale, you can get:

-One carat diamond stud earrings for just $685!
-A certified two carat platinum solitaire ring for just $3850!
-Plus, you’ll save on custom designs from trusted designer Johnny N!

With his line of luxury fine jewelry found exclusively at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, Diamantaire Johnny N provides his customers with unparalleled quality and exceptional design. He’s been creating custom masterpieces for over 40 years. For a truly unique and one of a kind gift, stop in with your drawing, a picture or even just an idea.

“I see jewelry as fine art. Creating it is my passion, so no idea is too big and no budget is too small. If you can dream it, I can make it,” he says.

Visit the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City now for 50-75% off store wide during our Mega Carat Clearance Sale! Showroom: 12456 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA (at Whitsett) with free parking in the back. For more information, call 818-982-4411, or visit








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November 28th, 2015

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