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Give a Custom Designed Gift In Time For Christmas!

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Get the Christmas gift that will tell someone just how special you think they are – custom designed fine jewelry! Custom designed fine jewelry is the best way to reflect the unique personality, taste and style of your loved one. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a diamond necklace, gemstone earrings, platinum cufflinks, or a one-of-a-kind pendant, choosing the right jeweler to create it will make all the difference in the quality, outcome and cost of your piece.

Bring your idea to the experts at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City now to have your piece finished, boxed and ready to present in time for Christmas. In business for more than 40 years and voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the L.A. Daily News, they offer one of L.A’s largest selections of certified diamonds, with significant discounts off of retail pricing. Known as the “engagement ring superstore,” their showroom features 1000s of stunning showcase choices. But, their reputation as custom design specialists has made them a go-to hub for those who want true masterpiece design at surprisingly affordable prices. Shop now to take advantage of their storewide 50-75% off sale — including all custom design projects. Plus, with their team of in-house specialists, your work will be done on-site and on time – more reasons why customer referrals are their top form of business.

Here’s what their customers are saying:

“The ring was perfect. It was EXACTLY like the picture, and it fit perfectly. I was very impressed. The cost was so good that I would have happily paid double what they charged.” – R.M., Riverside

“For a very competitive price…my fiancé now has a gorgeous white gold wedding band with the custom Celtic design I’d wanted using laser etching. We’re incredibly happy!”M.A., Van Nuys, CA

“(They) made all 3 of our rings for a great price and made them in just a few days! We are super happy with them.” – B.K., Los Angeles

“Beautiful custom work, flawless and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.” – Lori C., Los Angeles

“They designed a STUNNING gift, within my price range and delivered on time!” – J.C., Los Angeles

You’ll find the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City in the heart of the red carpet district at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA. Holiday store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 am to 6pm; Sundays, 11 am to 5pm, and walk-ins are welcome. Call 818-982-4444 for more info, or



Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, August Peridot, Tami Slogan

Many people today collect pieces of jewelry in the stone of their birth month — a set of gems commonly referred to as “birthstones.” In popular culture, men and women alike wear signature birthstone jewelry with a degree of sentimentality and pride. Birthstone jewels are often given as presents to children; or as gifts to spouses or parents to commemorate milestone events.

Wearing birthstone jewelry can be as creative and unique as its wearer. For example, a thoughtful husband might gift his wife a necklace or pendant featuring the birthstone of each member of their growing family. Or, for a fun way to brag about their brood, some mothers have custom eternity rings created in the birthstone of each new child and then stack them for an elegantly colorful look.

For those with delightful Summer birthdays or milestone events in August, the birthstone of the month is Peridot. Here’s a little bit about this quiet and often under-appreciated beauty.

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, Loose peridot stone, August birthstone

PERIDOT: The modern stone for August is the lovely peridot, a gemstone that ranges in color from yellowish green to brown. Arguably, the most popular peridots are those that present in bright, fresh lime greens and olive toned variations. Perhaps inspired by peridot’s calming color, the stone’s properties are thought to provide benefits including healing, stress reduction, anti-aging and protection.

Another August stone is SARDONYX. Though it is not as widely known or recognized, it is actually the traditional stone for August. Sardonyx is an agate ribboned with unusual red, orange, brown and white stripes. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans believed sardonyx would bring courage and victory to the wearer.

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, August Sardonyx


No matter how far away their exotic origins, you can find all of your favorite gemstones much closer to home at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, located in the beautiful red carpet district of Studio City, California. The beautiful showroom offers its clients stunning diamond, colored stone, gold and platinum pieces designed to fit a range of fine jewelry budgets from large to small. Voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the Los Angeles Daily News, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City carries one the largest selections of precious colored stones and EGL & GIA certified diamonds anywhere – often at more than 50-75% below retail. This highly-reviewed store also guarantees their stones to be “conflict-free,” a detail which is increasingly important to today’s consumers.

Call 818-982-4411, or view their gemstone masterpieces at 12456 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA, or View the video below to take a tour of the store. -T.O.

Special Valentine’s Day Sale To Make Hearts Soar!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

color-stone-2, red

Don’t get caught empty-handed this Valentine’s Day. Be everyone’s favorite cupid instead with Valentine’s Day gifts from the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery. Visit our showroom to find L.A.’s best selection of gold and platinum engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands and 1000s of other bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches and more! You’ll find us in the heart of the red carpet studio district at 12456 Ventura Boulevard in beautiful Studio City, CA.

Red Hot Ruby Love

You can show your love for someone special with sparkling diamonds or stunning colored stones like the twinkling rubies featured above. Right now, you’ll find our most fiery selection of ruby jewelry on sale for 50-75% below retail!

Our Gift To You

The Diamond and Jewelry Gallery is stretching your gift giving dollar this Valentine’s Day. As a special gift to you when you shop with us and spend more than $500, you’ll receive a free pair of diamond stud earrings to keep or give as a gift!*

Call 818-982-4411, or visit

In addition to our reputation as L.A.’s Best Diamond Source,” the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City offers an amazing selection of colored stones. We also known as the “Engagement Ring Superstore,” offering 1000sof selections in diamond, gold and platinum designs. Watch one customer’s experience in finding the perfect ring in this video

*For a limited time only.

Fancy Colored Diamonds: The “It” Gems

Monday, December 15th, 2014

2014, diamond and jewelry gallery, pic, yellow diamond rectangle ring

Beautifully brilliant diamonds form naturally, over millions of years, in every color of the most vibrantly hued rainbow. But, when it comes to popularity, the stones that often get the most attention are usually white diamonds – those with no color at all. That may be changing. Fast.

Fancy Colored Diamonds – “The It Gems”

Fancy colored diamonds are fast becoming the new “it gems,” sought after not only for their intensely unusual beauty, but also for their extreme rarity. So, what are they and why are they so rare?

Even in the lightest tones and low saturation, any stone showing color in what’s called the face-up position qualifies as a fancy color diamond. Only one in every 10,000 diamonds possesses natural color vibrant enough to be classified as fancy color diamonds.

The Bold and The Beautiful

Offered up in blues, greens, pinks, oranges, reds and yellows – bold and beautiful fancy colored gems are not at all for fine jewelry wallflowers.

More often than not, these richly hued gems are purchased and appreciated for their intensity and distribution of color. Different than when shopping for a white or colorless diamond, considerations such as cut and clarity are less important when purchasing a fancy color diamond. In this market, the bolder and more intensely colored the stone is, the more valuable it is.

More and more purchasers are looking to add depth to the color palette of their jewelry collection. And retailers and auctioneers are paying attention, adding a vibrant range of hued diamonds to their offerings.

Sky Is The Limit

While all diamonds are beautiful, naturally occurring fancy colored diamonds are much more rare, and therefore, much more expensive. And for traders, they’re getting harder and harder to find.

All these factors – the combination of their rarity in nature and dissipation in sourcing – eventually add up, making fancy coloreds much more costly than their blanche counterparts. Some experts quote the sought after gems as being 10 to 20 times the price of a similar quality white diamond.

For those looking to shave down the price of a colored diamond, also available are beautifully hued diamonds that originate from treatments as opposed to nature. These enhanced colored diamonds are often priced as much as ten times lower than those that occur naturally.

Rock Stars

While their popularity and price have increased recently, interest in the showy stones is nothing new. There are many, but here are a few classic examples of fancy colored diamonds that have achieved “Rock Star” status:

The Classic Hope Diamond

One of the largest dark blue diamonds ever found, the Hope Diamond holds court as fine jewelry royalty. The 45.52 carat diamond is housed at the Harry Winston Gallery of the Smithsonian’s Geology, Gems and Minerals exhibition.

In the pendant surrounding the Hope Diamond are 16 white diamonds, both pear-shapes and cushion cuts. The necklace chain contains 45 white diamonds. It is perhaps the most visited museum object in the world.

Epic A-List

In November 2013, Christie’s Geneva sold a 14.82 carat, pear-shaped, vivid orange diamond for $35,540,612. The sale of the show-stopping piece set a world record price for an orange diamond.

Our Featured Piece

You can achieve your own Rock Star status by adding a beautiful, fancy colored diamond to your fine jewelry collection. Featured exclusively at the Studio City, California, showroom of the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, this stunning18k white gold ring with 22k setting features a brilliant fancy yellow rectangle cut diamond surrounded by dozens of complimentary round cut yellow diamonds.

At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we carry the largest selection of precious colored stones and EGL & GIA certified diamonds and jewelry anywhere – often more than 50% to 70% below retail.

Stop in to see this beautiful, yellow diamond show stopper or any of thousands of other offerings. And get ready to steal the show!


“Two Clicks. Two Carats.”

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

2014, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, pic, diamond tennis bracelet

Win a Diamond Tennis Bracelet!

At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we carry a matchless selection of stunning diamond tennis bracelets. Right now, we’re featuring specials on sparkling one carat, S-design diamond bracelets for $198 and two carat S-design diamond bracelets for $398; as well as thousands of other style choices for every possible style and budget.

But, consider this. Have you ever tweeted your way to a diamond tennis bracelet? Probably not, right? Well, here’s your chance to do just that!

When We Get Social, You Win!

At the Diamond & Jewelry Gallery, we’re big on customer rewards. So, here’s the deal. Maybe you’re an existing customer. Or, maybe you haven’t shopped with us yet, but plan to visit our exclusive Studio City, CA, location soon. Either way, we’d like to make it super easy to keep you informed about upcoming promotions, special events and sales! If you’re on Twitter, here’s your chance to win a show-stopper of a gift for yourself or someone special on your list! We’re giving away a stunning two carat diamond tennis bracelet just for following us on Twitter and retweeting!


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That’s it! Your two carat diamond tennis bracelet to keep or give as a gift could be no more than a few clicks away!

So, start tweeting! We’ll announce the lucky winner on December 22, 2014! — T.O.

Showroom Phone: 818-982-4444