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Thursday, October 8th, 2015



Fall signifies its arrival with a change in the color of leaves and foliage – making for rich displays of color. So, is the case for the Opal – the gemstone of those with fall birthdays in the month of October.

Beautiful Opals come in a varied “rainbow” of colors, from milky white to mysterious, fire-streaked blue and black stones. The Black Opal is most rare –often rivalling the diamond in pricing.  Next in importance is White Opal, which is characterized by a lighter body color such as white, yellow or cream in addition to unique color plays. Other types of sought after stones include the Fire Opal, or Mexican Fire Opal, which is a transparent to translucent deep orange-red stone. Fire Opal can also feature unusual plays of color – a rarity that when it occurs, results in the stone being called a Precious Fire Opal.

2015, DIamond and Jewlery Gallery, black opal gemstone

A Black Opal Stone

The name opal is derived from the Greek word Opallos, which means “to see a change (of color).” It is often associated faithfulness, protection and loyalty. The opal stone is also believed to enhance one’s vision as well as creativity.

The alluring Opal is most often used as a stunning center stone for rings, pendants and cabochons.


No matter how far away their exotic origins, you can find all of your favorite gemstones much closer to home at the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City, located in the beautiful red carpet district of Studio City, California. The beautiful showroom offers its clients stunning diamond, colored stone, gold and platinum pieces designed to fit a range of fine jewelry budgets from large to small.

2015, Diamond and Jewelry Gallery, opal crown ring

Diamond and White Opal ring. Find custom designs by Johnny N exclusively at

Voted “Favorite Jewelry Store” by the Los Angeles Daily News, the Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City carries one the largest selections of precious colored stones and EGL & GIA certified diamonds anywhere – often at more than 50-75% below retail. This highly-reviewed store also guarantees their stones to be “conflict-free,” a detail which is increasingly important to today’s consumers.

The Diamond and Jewelry Gallery Studio City is also the exclusive home of the Signature Johnny N Designer Line of fine jewelry.  With more than 40 years of experience in custom jewelry design, Diamantaire Johnny N crafts one-of-a-kind creations that are destined to become heirloom pieces.

Bring in your own stones from old or unwanted jewelry, or ask about their selection of certified loose diamonds and colored stones for your next custom fine jewelry purchase.

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